Insurance Agent Near Me podcast addresses how it is helping insurance agents, brokers and financial advisors find ways in improving their online marketing.


In our episode 5 podcast we talk about how to find the best insurance leads as an insurance agent or broker.

You could be the greatest salesman on earth but without leads to work you will have no one to sell your products too. We go over the pros and cons of different lead generation companies and also discuss what you can do to generate your own insurance leads.

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In episode 4 we talk about how to building an effective marketing strategy wins you more clients. If you currently have a marketing plan, do you update your plan annually to reflect market trends or to see what is working or what is not? 

In our experience with working with thousands of agents, brokers and advisors we realized that most professionals have an idea on how they are marketing but only a few actually have a written marketing plan on paper. 

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In episode 3 we talk about what insurance designations you should consider as an insurance agent. We know there are many titles to choose from online. However, we hand picked the ones we found were most helpful.

What insurance designations do you have and how has it impacted your business?

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Download and Listen to podcast episode 2 where we discuss How to Start a Successful Insurance Agency from Start to Finish. We guarantee to cover a lot of material today to further excel your career as a new or existing agency owner. 


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February 5, 2020

Back to the Beginning

To understand why I created Insurance Agent Near Me we have to go back to the beginning of my career as an insurance agent. Ready to listen to episode 1?

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